Be part of the robolution between machine & you!


We are madly in love with robots, mechanical clever solutions and fantastic beeings!

In a state of “robotic madness”, we envision to bring video games to life and build machines

you can control, train and navigate through real-life adventures!



Founder and driving spirit of BM&YOU is Ben Cselley, a well trained product Designer and Inventor with both engineering and industrial design background. Prior to BM&YOU he lived and worked in the far east for several years, setting up and managing a pilot undergraduate program for Design & Strategy with Design legend Hartmut Esslinger in Shanghai / China.

With his great affection to
high-tech and robotics, he stirring up the way we master our daily life and interact with our technological environment.



Daniel's focus for BM&YOU lies on the conceptual and narrative-driven side of things, making sure ideas never lack the right amount of crazy!

With his never-ending flow of sketches and illustrations, he subtly influences how products are perceived.  As a London based industrial designer & concept artist Daniel Wyrobal is currently working in the transportation design sector, showing the big players how to fly & travel.