BM&YOU is proud to secure AWS IMPULSE XS, funding to finance early stage product development of a robot project we are currently working on. Thanks a lot to AWS (Austria Wirtschaft Service) and their amazing team for the effective and smooth application process! ->Stay tuned for more updates soon!



We are a network of strong professionals, skilled in merging narrative driven, exciting aesthetics with perfect functionality. We shape truly innovative and story-telling products, always one step ahead in the daily struggle “Between Machine & You”.
We guide our clients collaboratively through the space of tempting ideas and designs and establish together holistic strategies, shake up common processes and translate bold ideas into reality.


Our approach "In aerospace engineering a "gravitational slingshot" is the use of the relative movement and gravity of a planet to alter the path and speed of a spacecraft, typically to save propellant and reduce expense."

Together with our client we set out to discover new horizons, with just the right amount of navigational support to put them on exactly the right course. Large Company? A minute course correction might make all the difference in the world. Start-Up? A few orbits and you have enough speed to be on your way!We observe, analyse and listen carefully to find the ideal solution for your endeavours.Get in touch so we can define your individual trajectory!



Design is process.To keep up with the fast pace of innovation and product design we offer a wide spectrum of tools and substantial experience, to meet our clients requirements: We 3d print, shape, drill, mold, cast, paint, solder, program, render, iterate, ideate,… and do whatever it takes to put your project on course. Too big for us to handle? We trust our network, you should too! Get in touch and challenge us with your ideas. In the meantime feel free to browse some highlights in our lab’s gallery or follow us on instagram for even more frequent updates.



You care for some crips examples right away?
Take a look at the latest developments fresh from the lab.



advance in robotic design


bionic drone





Founder and driving spirit of BM&YOU is Ben Cselley, a well trained product Designer and Inventor with both engineering and industrial design background. Prior to BM&YOU he lived and worked in the far east for several years, setting up and managing a pilot undergraduate program for Design & Strategy with Design legend Hartmut Esslinger in Shanghai / China.

With his great affection to
high-tech and robotics, he stirring up the way we master our daily life and interact with our technological environment.



Daniel's focus for BM&YOU lies on the conceptual and narrative-driven side of things, making sure ideas never lack the right amount of crazy!

With his never-ending flow of sketches and illustrations, he subtly influences how products are perceived.  As a London based industrial designer & concept artist Daniel Wyrobal is currently working in the transportation design sector, showing the big players how to fly & travel.



The studio’s first robotic employee is Zortrax, a quite temperamental but most reliable fellow.

With +2000h working hours on his shoulders, he shows extensive work experience, and profound knowledge in ABS type modelmaking. With the largest number of night shifts in the team, we worry about Zortrax gaining self awareness and the resulting wage demands...