The recent leaps in artificial intelligence and machine autonomy bring a rennaissance of robotics - what was science fiction yesterday is becoming reality today, raising questions and new design fields right and left.

Master Shiitake is one of BM&YOU’s advances in this field. Primarily a concept show case, it investigates the areas of aesthetics and construction methods, especially in larger scale robotics, as well as interaction.“I am not the answer. I am the beginning.” - Master Shiitake

Master Shiitake is the result of a playful process incorporating both insect and samurai DNA. Too martial? Maybe. Does it look wicked? We think so! He is any childs (ages 9-99) friend and guardian, with a basic A.I. to be playfully extended and individualised by the user via direct programming.
Lose the link, programming becomes 1on1 interaction - BetweenMachine&You!
As product designers we kept the requirements to a purchaseable kit in mind - developable surfaces for flat packaging mixed with 3d printed parts and a flexible rivetting system for easy assembly and modularity. Shiitake also represents a systemic model-making approach that enables fast volume making. Size requires to be experienced in full scale!